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CAP 1, CAP 2 & FAE courses now available including superb exam notes and 10 hours of pre-recorded sessions. Book the required course by navigating the Upcoming courses menu above.

All courses are provided on-line with hard-copy notes and other support materials.

ACA has established itself in a short time as a top-class provider of focussed revision courses for chartered accountant students who are faced with the task of passing difficult exams while working long hours for their employers. Over 50% of students used our notes for the CAP 2 exams in Summer 2020

ACA Revisions provide concise, precise exam notes which are designed to enable students to understand the areas involved and to provide them with material for inclusion in their exam solutions. The notes are not another text-book but rather your main notes for the day of the exam.
Recorded sessions concentrate on past paper questions, thereby enabling the student to familiarise themselves with the exam, the examiner and the examiner’s favourite questions.

ACA Revisions has achieved pass rates of between 98-99% in both CAP 2 & FAE in the last two years and in addition, students attending our courses have achieved a number of top 10 places.

The company is headed by top prize-winning lecturer Christy Kearney. Christy qualified as a chartered accountant in KPMG and subsequently held senior roles there for ten years. He subsequently held the role of finance director in one of Pfizer’s key facilities before setting up an IFRS, US GAAP consulting business in Ireland and the UK. Clients include Pepsi, Pfizer, Kerry, Bord Gais Eireann, Paddy Powers, Musgraves. Lisney, Coillte, KPMG, EY, Omnipro, CPA. He Has written extensively on Audit issues as well as participating in Government task forces during the financial crisis.

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