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2020 Recommendations


“In terms of the notes and recordings, I found them very concise and easy to follow/find when I was looking for them.

I found the non-assurance / other engagement notes very useful and concise and the recordings as well were great to listen to the day before the exam to get information and keywords into the head.”

“I really liked how the notes referenced were the topics came up in the recent exam sittings in the top right corner. 

Maybe highlighting more that you are more than willing to respond to follow up emails would be useful as you always responded to mine ASAP which many lecturers would not do.

I liked when u brought in additional examples such as the disposal of the subsidiary and the revenue examples that weren’t pulled from exam papers, so perhaps more possible exam questions examples would be helpful as well.

The online recordings were good and I liked how they were split by accounting/auditing standard. The recordings were great though as we could go back to them time and time again.”


“The online resources were very useful and I think it would be good to spell it out for people that you are getting a “simplified & concise” set of notes as well as access to a corresponding suite of recordings for each topic. There’s only so much you can go through on the live session but the pre-recordings are great to refer back to.”

“I think the notes and recordings were brilliant, worked past exam questions are very helpful for example the consolidation for FR. I think audit notes are the best and one would come close to passing an exam alone with these.”