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FAE 2022 Summer courses

FAE 2022 courses will run from February to July 2022.
Courses for Audit Elective, Advisory Elective and Core Financial Reporting available including superb exam notes, & 10 hours of pre-recorded and live recorded sessions on the scheduled dates.
Excellent updated exam notes and related pre-recorded revisions will enable you to maximize your marks for each subject. These notes will cover the full course in detail and save you a great amount of study time.

The courses are available on or after 15 February as follows

  1. Delivered on registration & payment of course fee
    • Seven hours of pre-recorded sessions covering the full course distributed via drop-box.
    • Concise, precise exam notes for each session delivered by post to the nominated
  2. Two 3-Hours live recording on the scheduled dates delivered via Zoom meetings.
    • Live sessions are recorded and distributed to students on the following day
  3. All Individual technical queries asked and answered by email by the course presenter. If not understood and resolved satisfactorily, individual zoom calls can be arranged.

Booking form
To reserve your place, please complete the booking form below and submit online.
We will forward an e-mail to confirm your reservation and provide payment details. Payment must be made prior to the issue of notes and pre-recorded sessions.

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    Subject Dates Please Tick Fee

    Audit Elective

    12th and 13th July 2022 at 10am
    Christy Kearney
    Audit Elective €120


    18th and 19th of July 2022 at 10am
    Christy Kearney
    FR €120

    Advisory Elective

    No longer available

    Live sessions are recorded and distributed to students on the following day
    Management retains the right to change the dates of the live sessions or cancel courses if inadequate numbers registered.
    Payments details will be provided when we confirm your booking

    If we do not respond in two days, please email us at